Private Charter Flights

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Private Charter Flights

Charter flights can take you to thousands of airports larger airlines cannot operate out of, giving you point to point stress-free travel.

Greenwood Aviation can provide service to any location:

  • Trip to see the big game
  • Weekend trip to the lake
  • Multiple leg business trip
  • Beach trip with the family
  • Family Vacation
  • Ski Trip

Greenwood Aviation has your next trip covered. Call (866) 706-2961 today to inquire and avoid the hassle of commercial flights.


Why Charter?

Had it with inconvenient travel options, flight delays, long lines and security concerns? You’re not alone. As commercial airline travel becomes less accommodating and more unpleasant, private aircraft charter has become a very accommodating and efficient alternative. When you consider all the benefits, especially increased productivity and the scheduling freedom, the cost of charter travel starts looking very attractive.

Point-to-Point Travel

By eliminating airline hubs and utilizing the thousands of airports not serviced by the commercial airlines, your travel time is reduced and you arrive closer to your final destination. one of the complaints about living in Wichita, Stillwater, Tulsa, Oklahoma City is the lack of DIRECT AIR SERVICE. With charter you always have the ability to have direct service to the closest airport to your destination.

It’s your schedule now

You have complete flexibility of flight schedule and the option to change destinations en route. Travel on your schedule at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day, any day of the year. Additionally, you can avoid unneeded overnight stays.


You choose with whom you travel in a secure, comfortable cabin environment that allows for complete privacy without distractions, interruptions, or eavesdropping.

Avoid the airport hassle

Convenient loading and parking eliminate completely the airline terminal stress and hassle. No long lines for check-in, security, boarding, deplaning, or baggage claim. With charter there is no need to worry about lost luggage or sending a special shipment. The time you save is only surpassed by the comfort you’ll enjoy.

Time is on your side

Charter flights often eliminate overnight stays and allow for shorter more productive travel itineraries. Greenwood Aviation goes the extra mile to assist customers in their travel needs. We ensure that after you have landed, you have arranged ground transportation and accommodations.

Travel Time Comparison




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